A Human-wolf rp.
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 Cera Callahan

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PostSubject: Cera Callahan   Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:06 pm


Name: Cera Callahan
Human or Wolf: Human
Gender: Female
Mate: Andy Callahan (deceased)
Age: 19
Talents: Carpentry, hunting, tracking, shooting, gardening
Strengths: Loyal to family, hard working, takes charge when needed but would rather be given direction, won't hesitate to jump in where and when needed
Weaknesses: Reserved with strangers, would rather be on her own, doesn't trust easily, doesn't like to rely on others
Background: After a doomed from the beginning arranged marriage to a drunkard ended with Andy's death, Cera's parents were at a loss as to what to do with such an independent daughter. Having had to learn to track, hunt and shoot to be able to keep meat on the table Cera wasn't exactly fitting in with the nice, proper young ladies in the city. At their wits end her parents decided to send her off to her aunt in WolfCreek. Maybe here in this nearly empty town Cera will find the peace and solace she so badly wants.
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Cera Callahan
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