A Human-wolf rp.
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 Aryln ForestWalker

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PostSubject: Aryln ForestWalker   Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:18 am


Name: Aryln ForestWalker
Human or Wolf: Wolf
Gender: Female
Mate: Kitchi ForestWalker
Pup: Dagda Wolfpup
Age: Two Years
Talents: Alpha Female
Strengths: Strong Female. Great leader to her small pack.
Weaknesses: She can be stubborn and strongwilled.
Background: Aryln and Kitchi left their birth pack and struck out on their own soon after they turned a year old. They gave birth to a litter. They found that their lands included the town of WolfCreek. The people there weren't too bad, and mainly stayed to themselves. The pack soon found two more in the forms of Aryln's family. One day, one of her pups had gone missing. After searching, they found the pup, in Aithne's backyard, playing. Aryln's spirit called to the woman. She went right up to the woman, pressing their heads together, and became linked, eternally. Kitchi wasn't sure what he thought of this. But keeps his mind open to the prospect of working with the humans. As time goes on, their other pup, Dagda, also finds a human child to connect with. Perhaps this won't be the foretold doom that Aryln's mother warned them about.

OOC (Entirely optional)

Name: Aithne
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Email: aithnejordan@yahoo.com
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Aryln ForestWalker
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