A Human-wolf rp.
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 Aithne Glendower

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PostSubject: Aithne Glendower   Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:42 am


Name: Aithne Glendower
Human or Wolf: Human
Gender: Female
Mate: Ben Glendower (deceased)
Children: Corrine Glendower (deceased)
Family: Cera Callahan (niece)
Age: 30
Physical Description: Aithne is about 5 feet 7 inches, 120 pounds. Tanned skin. Deep green eyes. Brown hair, shoulder length. Barefoot most of the time, loves to feel the bare earth between her toes. She has just turned 30 and has come to the realization that she will probably never again find happiness. She's fit, beautiful, but do all the upkeep to attract a new man. Her heart still belongs to the only man she's ever loved.
Talents: She has the vision for seeing the bigger picture.
Strengths: She has a strong personality. She's lived in Wolf Creek on her own for two years.
Weaknesses: Her strengths are her weaknesses. She's too strong. Not accepting of help, or trust.
Background: Ben Glendower came from money. He and Aithne grew up in the same town, went to the same school, had the same friends. Their parents were sure they would get married from the time they were five years old, chasing each other around. Ben and Aithne did not realize it until they were fifteen. They wed when they were seventeen and Corrine was born just after Aithne's eighteenth birthday. They were the perfect family, but their spirits called for more. They heard the stories of the gold rush, though the mad frenzie was now over. Things were beginning to settle down and the immediate dangers had been cleared of the "Wild West". When Ben's parents died, leaving him everything, he bought a ghost town and moved his wife and young daughter to Montana. They renamed the town, WolfCreek, for the howls they heard every night. It took several years to fix up the town. Drifters came and went, but no one settled in the abandoned houses around town. Ten months after moving to town, Corrine Glendower fell ill and died. Her parents grieved, but stayed in WolfCreek. Five years later, Ben Glendower had an accident. The injury became infected. It took two years for WolfCreek to claim its second life. Aithne Glendower grieved by throwing herself into the town. She fixed up the rest of buildings, planted crops in her field, harvested her own grain, bought a few cows, chickens, and goats. Two years later, a wolf pup ended up on Aithne's back porch. The pup was malnourished and covered in crusted scabs. Aithne's first reaction was to kill the pup. Even though she had had no problems with the neighboring pack, her instinct told her to be scared. The pup opened her eyes and looked at Aithne, golden eyes begged for mercy. Aithne took the pup in and tended her wounds, brought her back to good health. And that, is when she met, Aryln...
Aryln was the pup's mother. It was a warm spring day and the pup was bounding around. Her parents came looking for her, to bring her home. Aryln approached Aithne, tail raised, hackles down. Aithne stayed frozen where she was, sitting on the back porch. Aryln placed her forehead against Aithne's, and they became linked. They could hear each other's thoughts, feel the emotions raging through each other's bodies. In the coming years, Aithne met the pack, and they started working together. The pack was small, consisting of Aryln, her mate, a brother, and two pups. Through Aryln, Aithne learned that the wolves had the ability to connect with humans. Aryln and Aithne were linked, forever.

OOC (Entirely optional)

Name: Aithne
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Email: aithnejordan@yahoo.com
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Aithne Glendower
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