A Human-wolf rp.
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 Rules and all other information you need to know

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PostSubject: Rules and all other information you need to know   Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:35 am

Where we rp:
We rp on a chat called irc. You can download a program called mIRC for free at www.mirc.com or use any other irc program. There a non-download program at www.mibbit.com There's even irc programs for your tablet, smartphone, etc! We are on sorcery network. #Wolfcreek and #WolfCreek_OOC.

You must have a character profile accepted before you can rp with us.

Character Profile:
Check the blank character post for a template.

Rules for IC:
You must have a human character.
You do not have to have a wolf character.
You must play your wolf character. Both characters must be the same sex.
You may have only one wolf character and 2 human characters. This keeps the wolf pack smaller. May be revised as we grow.
There are only five wolf characters to adopt. After those are taken, wolf pups will be born in the spring, you may adopt a character then.
Only special consideration will be made to bring in new wolves. (Need new blood for the gene pool.)
If two human characters marry, their wolves will also become mates.
There is a human and wolf council. All new rules need to pass by both councils.
Wolves will be normal realistic wolves, humans will be normal realistic humans. (Besides the telepathic thing)

Rules for OOC:
No minimum age requirement.
Content will be rated mature. Please watch your language around the young'ins, but they will not be tip-toe'd around.

Your human char and wolf char will be telepathically linked. They can read each other's minds, and feel how they feel. That is why human chars and wolf chars of the same person become mates. But only the wolf and human can read each other's minds. Humans can not read each other, and wolves can not read each other. Wolves can not talk, and only communicate through body language and vocals.
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Rules and all other information you need to know
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