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 Jesse Scott Taylor

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PostSubject: Jesse Scott Taylor   Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:35 am


Name: Jesse Scott
Human or Wolf: Human
Gender: Male
Mate: ---
Age: 23
Appearance: Jesse has light brown, nearly blonde hair. His eyes are hazel with tiny specks of green throughout and his skin seems unhealthily pale. He has a thin, yet lean form to him and stands at 5'9". Jesse's every day outfit is a black or gray faded vest over a white button up, collared shirt, and black slacks, just as faded.
Talents: Artist
Strengths: He can do just about anything with his hands that involves art. He is a very deep and caring when he learns to trust you.
Weaknesses: He is very quiet. He rarely ever talks due to the fact that he's deaf. Some may take it as him being very shy, but he is the exact opposite.
Background: Jesse Scott was born in a very small town in North Dakota. His father was all he could remember as his mother passed away during child birth. He was an only child, and a very lonely child, due to his deafness. His father was his friend as well as instructor when it came to the arts. The slender profit they got from the father's art work was just barely enough to keep them going from day to day. But soon, as Jesse got older, he found a new companion: Artistry. From the moment Jesse could hold a paint brush, his father began teaching him the trade. Jesse learned the strokes, the bargaining, and even how to create their own paints. By the time Jesse was 17, he was making the profit to keep food coming in, but soon after his 17th birthday, his father passed away from illness, leaving him alone with no other family. Jesse worked his hardest, his dreams of becoming a great artist slipping through his fingers. Every painting he made started getting darker and darker until those golden tones of sepia turned to burnt sienna. And he left. No profit coming in, a house haunting him with memories, he felt there was nothing left for him there. And at 23 years old, he escaped the pain, wanting to find inspiration and a new way to lose himself within his art.

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Name: Blake
Gender: Male
Age: 22
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Jesse Scott Taylor
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