A Human-wolf rp.
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 Khaleigha Klein

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PostSubject: Khaleigha Klein   Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:18 pm


Name: Khaleigha Klein
Human or Wolf: Human
Gender: Female
Mate: None
Age: 5 years
Talents: Khaleigha is great with animals! She loves anything thats furry and has four legs, prefering them to others of the two legged variety. She has a way about her that makes animals trust her, a stray dog wont bite, a riled horse wont buck, animals are at peace with this child.
Strengths: She is passionate, loving and loyal with a heart of gold.
Weaknesses: Her loyalty makes her naive and she wears her heart on her sleeve.
Background: Born and raised here in the very town of WolfCreek, Khaleigha's mother arrived just months before she was born, without a man at her side. Given the times, it was frowned upon to be an unwed mother. Her mother kept to herself, building a small place for herself on the outskirts of WolfCreek, where she settled on a small farm, coming into town only to her shopping. In time the folk of WolfCreek came to accept her the best they could, though her hermit-lifestyle merited many whispers of possible Witchcraft. Despite the opinions of the mother, everyone in town grew to adore her daughter. Khaleigha never failed to make others smile with her antics and sweet childish charm. At the young age of five, her mother permits her to walk about on her own, sending her on small errands into town to occupy her time. It was on one such venture, one that required the obtaining of cheese and broth for dinner, that she happened upon a puppy. She thought it a dog and called out to it. The creature, young and naive as the child, approached with little caution and the two instantly became friends when Khaleigha presented the young canine with a bit of bacon she had saved from her breakfast. The child made to bid her new friend farewell only to find that the puppy stayed in toe with her all the way into town. This amused her greatly and along with her objective items she purchased another strip of bacon for her companion. On the way home, the puppy bounded into the forest from which it came. Khaleigha was delighted and told her mother all about the encounter, which her mother then scolded her kindly and cautioned her to be weary of strays. Khaleigha figured that was the last she would have seen of the pup but on the following day as she made her way down the long path to town, she heard he patter of paws behind her to find her friend had returned! It has been many months now and every time she walks that path, the pup is right behind her. It took some time before she realized it was no ordinary puppy, but a wild wolf. For long weeks she refered to the canine as "My wolf" but found that to be too impersonal. Instead she decided to call her wolf, Dagda.

OOC (Entirely optional)

Name: Morgan
Gender: Female
Age: 22
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Khaleigha Klein
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